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Big Data powers the modern world. With tools like FitBit tracking our every step and supercomputers like IBM’s Watson helping Memorial Sloan Kettering treat cancer patients, we literally live it. Data is part of our everyday lives through social media profiles,...

Batman (2016-) #39


“SUPERFRIENDS” finale! Since the beginning, the friendship between Batman and Wonder Woman has stood at the heart of the DC Universe. Now that friendship is coming apart, and as it does the universe itself begins to crumble. Don’t miss...

Batman (2016-) #38


“SUPERFRIENDS” part three! Batman and Wonder Woman fight together in an epic battle that will define and redefine their relationship. What bonds these two pillars of the DC Universe together? What might tear them apart? Find out as Batman...

Batman: Detective Comics Vol. 1: Faces of Death (The New 52)


As a part of the acclaimed DC Comics – The New 52 event, DETECTIVE COMICS is relaunched for the first time! With the first seven hard-hitting issues from acclaimed writer/artist Tony S. Daniel, Bruce Wayne returns as Batman –...

Mortal Kombat X (2015-) #22


Scorpion and Takeda come face-to-face with Havik! What tricks does the Cleric of Chaos have up his sleeve?  By Shawn Kittelsen & Igor Vitorino

Fables Vol. 5: The Mean Seasons


Collecting issues 22 and 28-33 of the hit VERTIGO series, this trade paperback features two tales of Bigby’s exploits during World War II as well as “The Year After,” which follows the aftermath of the Adversary’s attempt to conquer...

Wonder Woman (2016-) #1


“THE LIES” Chapter One Why has the Lasso of Truth stopped working for the Amazon Princess? Start down the rabbit hole as dark secrets from Wonder Woman’s past unravel her present! THEY SAID IT: “Drawing Wonder Woman isn’t just...

My Little Pony: FIENDship is Magic #5: Queen Chrysalis


The ponies visit the imprisoned Chrysalis… what secret is she hiding? By Katie Cook, Andy Price & Amy Mebberson

The Walking Dead #16


Rick returns to Prison where some horrific events passed during his absence. The only good news in all the tragedy is that Tyreese managed to miraculously survive against the horde of zombies. And the murderer of the Greeene sisters...

Injustice: Gods Among Us: Year Two #21


Ganthet of the Guardians takes a direct hand in the battle with fearsome results. And Black Canary moves in for the kill. By Tom Taylor & Mike S. Miller